in china they execute these kind of people

This story has left me speechless. Millions of Kenyans are at risk of imminent starvation and in dire need of government help but the same government officials charged with helping them seem to be in to make a quick buck at the expense of the very same nearly starving Kenyans. I am reminded of the stories I read of Chinese officials being executed after being found guilty of corruption. I know Kenyans might have reservations when it comes to the death penalty but in such situations it is mightily tempting. How should we treat people who would rather have thousands of Kenyans starve if it meant that they’d make a few millions shillings? Do you jail them? will that really help?

The only problem is that if we were to punish all those involved in shady deals we’d probably have to get rid of the entire government. All of them. In all three branches.

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