Research and Papers


Published Papers

  1. Opalo, K. Ochieng’. 2014. “The Long Road to Institutionalization: The Kenyan Legislature and The 2013 Elections,” Journal of Eastern African Studies, Vol. 8, No. 1
  2. Opalo, K. Ochieng’. 2012. “African Elections: Two Divergent Trends,” Journal of Democracy, Vol. 23, No. 3

Published Book Chapters

  1. Opalo, K. Ochieng’. 2017. “The Contingent Role of Political Parties in Transitional Justice Processes,” in Duthie, Roger and Paul Seils (eds) JUSTICE MOSAICS: How Context Shapes Transitional Justice in Fractured Societies

Submitted Papers & Book Chapters

  1. Legislative Independence and Incumbent Electoral Advantage: Evidence From Parliamentary Elections in Kenya (submitted)
  2. Constrained Presidential Power in Africa? The Politics of Executive Rule-Making in Kenya, 1963-2013 (submitted)
  3. “The Institutional Evolution of the Kenyan Legislature” Book Chapter (submitted)
  4. “The Politics of Legislative Development in Africa” Book Chapter (submitted)

Working Papers

  1. Political Incentives for Education Reform in Tanzania — with James Habyarimana and Youdi Schipper (Working Paper)
  2. Electricity Provision and Tax Mobilization in Africa — with Moussa Blimpo, Justice Mensah and Ruifan Shi (Working Paper)
  3. Who Pays for Development? Economic Geography and Distributive Politics in Africa (Working Paper)
  4. Piloting Democracy: Suffrage Limitation and Democratic Consolidation in the First Wave (Working Paper)
  5. Ethnicity and Elite Coalitions: The Origins of Political Instability in Africa (Working Paper)


Book Manuscript:

The Politics of Legislative Development in Africa  (Under Review)