Happy New Year!

Happy New Year dear readers. I am also glad to announce that Opalo’s Weblog is one year older. Thanks for all of you who have left comments and encouragements to this post. The few debates that some of my comments generated in 2008 were most appreciated.

Now although I am not particularly into this whole thing of an arbitrary date marking a new beginning, I understand how important it is that we have milestones and because of that I am glad that 2009 is already here. To me this will be an important year. Graduation from college and life thereafter await me. I hope all goes well. I wish you all a happy and successful year too.

To my brothers and sisters from the continent, a special note. 2008 was not a particularly successful year. Kenya, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, the DRC, Uganda, South Africa and many other states had issues of continental significance. But we also had a few successes. I think Ghana’s electoral process was exemplary. I hope the run-off ends well. Zambia had a peaceful transition of government. Tanzania is moving in the right direction. Mbeki, a sitting African president was forced to resign (under dubious circumstances yes, but he resigned when he could have refused to). Out athletes did us proud in the Olympics. And most importantly, our desire for a better African remained intact. Let’s keep the dream burning and may 2009 bring more successes than failures.

Again, Happy New Year and remember that you are what you are because of what we all are.

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