Kibaki and the media bill

Kenyan politicians are very myopic. Moi’s regime, while it had the air of invincibility, gave all power to the presidency. After 2002 the same people that had hoarded power in the executive were out complaining that the president had too much power. Before 2002, Kibaki and most of the clowns in the current government (ODM and PNU alike) spent a great deal of time out in the streets fighting for press freedom and freedom of assembly. This about turn therefore comes as a surprise (well not really, call me cynical but deep down I didn’t expect Kibaki, Raila and their loonies to be agents of change, we just needed them for the sake of peace).

So now we are going back to the days of a highly regulated media. Does anyone remember when Biwott kept winning cases against those he accused of defamation?

And the thing with this media bill is not only political. It has to do with economics as well. The growth of the Kenyan media has created jobs in broadcasting and advertising. Not to mention production companies and what not. Free speech should be encouraged at all costs. Truth will always win against untruths and therefore Kibaki and his men should not feel the need to guard truth by outlawing all untruths (at least this is the premise of the media bill).