2011 KCSE results

The break down is as follows:

The usual suspects dominate the top ten list – with the new addition of Maranda. Boys take 7 out of the top ten positions. Top girl fourth (from Alliance Girls). Top three students from St. Peter’s, Kakamega, and Alliance High School.

Top ten schools are:

  1. Maranda High School
  2. Alliance High School
  3. Alliance Girls High School
  4. Starehe Boys Centre
  5. Mang’u High School (Yours truly is a proud Mang’uman, although they should’ve done better than this…)
  6. Moi Girls High School (Eldoret?)
  7. Kenya High School
  8. Mary Hill Girls High School (Yay, sister school!)
  9. Pangani Girls
  10. Starehe Girls Centre

More to follow as soon as the complete results are available.

kCSE results to be released tomorrow

The 2011 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results will be released tomorrow. The exam is a make or break affair for most students since it is the key determinant of whether they will continue on to college or drop off the education ladder and join scores of unemployed youth with limited economic prospects.

These results will be the first since the 2008 introduction of subsidized high school programmes.

This year’s high school leavers will still have to wait for about two years before they can join university – an artifact of the Moi Administration going back to the early 1980s when universities were shut down for an extended period due to political unrest.

I do not have the exact numbers but know that the duration of time between leaving high school and joining university for the average Kenyan student (who does well enough in high school) is closer to 6+ years than 4 years. Both the Moi legacy and intermittent strikes by lecturers and students are to blame for this massive waste of young Kenyans’ time.