2011 KCSE results

The break down is as follows:

The usual suspects dominate the top ten list – with the new addition of Maranda. Boys take 7 out of the top ten positions. Top girl fourth (from Alliance Girls). Top three students from St. Peter’s, Kakamega, and Alliance High School.

Top ten schools are:

  1. Maranda High School
  2. Alliance High School
  3. Alliance Girls High School
  4. Starehe Boys Centre
  5. Mang’u High School (Yours truly is a proud Mang’uman, although they should’ve done better than this…)
  6. Moi Girls High School (Eldoret?)
  7. Kenya High School
  8. Mary Hill Girls High School (Yay, sister school!)
  9. Pangani Girls
  10. Starehe Girls Centre

More to follow as soon as the complete results are available.

13 thoughts on “2011 KCSE results

  1. I do not know who runs this site but it is not correct that St Peter’s Seminary is in Eldoret. It is in Mukumu, Kakamega County. I should know as I was a student there from 1967 to 1970! The only seminary in Eldoret is ‘Mother of Apostles’. With internet resources at the touch of a button one should not make such obvious mistakes


  2. kindly send me send me results of my son index no.326103057.we sent a text yesterday and what appeared is only w in all subjects and mean of w


  3. Ken, hiyo list ni ya national public schools pekee. Kabarak was number 4 overall! Check the general list that ranks both private and public schools.


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