Chemistry Meets Civics, U.S. Edition

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H/T Reid Wilson of Morning Consult 

Also, what characteristics does President Obama want for a theoretical element named after him?

I would want it to be stable ….. I would want it to be a catalyst but one that didn’t get too hot or too cold… Hopefully it would be one that was useful to humanity… [and] wasn’t just some shiny object.

President Barack Obama majored in Political Science.



For a moment that seemed like eternity everyone in the room was quiet. We all watched with amazement and speechless at the site of jubilation and pride that rocked America when Wolf Blitzer of CNN declared that Barack Hussein Obama, the son of a Kenyan, would be the next president of the United States and the most powerful man in the world.

Obama’s win is a win for humanity. It is a win for humanity because for the first time, a country that was founded on the back of slaves and over the dead bodies of native Americans finally got around to electing the son of an African to the presidency. Obama’s election is a symbol of reconciliation between the United States and the sons and daughters of Africa, long dead, who were treated like property during the first hundred years of the nation’s existence.

But Obama’s win was not just about race. Most importantly it was about the future and hope. It was about the idea that anything is possible for anyone, if you work hard at it – regardless of where you begin.

As a Kenyan I am most proud. As a human being and a self-declared citizen of the world I am even more proud for the possibilities that the Obama win opens up for all Americans and all of humanity to come together as one. As Obama likes to say in his speeches, “out of many we are one.” Long live the idea of one humanity, and long live the United States, a country founded on an idea of the equality of all men under one God.