more on the Mang’eli saga

It is now emerging that the Kenya Bureau of Standards MD, Kioko Mang’eli, falsified information while petitioning for a salary increase. The embattled director was asking for a salary hike from 480,000 shillings a month to 1.07 million. His reason was that he had contributed to the financial stability of the bureau of standards by turning a 300 million shilling deficit into a 1.6 billion surplus. But this claim, in addition to a job evaluation report favorable to the MD, have been termed as false by the office of the head of civil service.

The Nation has more on this.

And in other news, the Standard is back online.

more reasons why Mang’eli should go home

Related to the previous post, here is Jaindi Kisero’s piece in the Daily Nation shedding some light on the validity of the sacking of Kioko Mang’eli, the former boss of the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

And in other news, where is the East African Standard? I keep being redirected to this website that says that the account has expired and is awaiting renewal or deletion. Really? Like seriously?

Kalonzo disappoints, again

Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka is an embarrassment to Kenya. It is most disturbing when someone of his stature decides to play the ethnic card over the sacking of a government employee (In this case Dr. Eng. Kioko Mang’eli, former MD of the Kenya Bureau of Standards). I mean he is the Vice President of the Republic of Kenya. He is part of the same government that sacked the dude! Does he know this?? Why do we let our leaders get away with this sort of blatant tribalism?

Macharia Gaitho puts it best in today’s Daily Nation:

Why then, should Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka, MP Johnstone Muthama and other two-bit politicians lower themselves to claim that Dr Mang’eli’s sacking was part of a push against their Akamba folk in the public service? Nobody ever told us that the Dr-Eng’s appointment in the first place, had anything to do with his being Mkamba!