intolerable intolerance

Drastic changes in cultural and societal norms can be destabilizing. In light of this fact, when it comes to society and theĀ  changing of values to reflect the zeitgeist I am aligned with the Burkean argument for gradualism. That said, such madness as was witnessed in Mtwapa, Kenya is unacceptable. This type of religious fascism should not be tolerated. I am all for church freedom, but only to the extent that churches serve their rightful purpose of catering to the spiritual needs of citizens while promoting comity in society. In cases where church teachings go against citizens’ interests – like in this particular case in Mtwapa or with regard to reproductive rights – I think it is imperative that the state steps in. Church leaders, and their followers, should know that issues to do with the after-life need not necessarily be put before security, order in society, and general well being in the present.