Kenyan accidents: time to come up with a response strategy

fireA fire gutted down Nakumatt Downtown, killing more than 40 people. Then there was the tanker blast in Molo that killed more than 110. In both instances the reaction was mediocre. Utterly shameful. I read that it took the firefighters more than an hour to respond to the oil tanker blast in Molo. Molo town does not have any means to respond to fire emergencies. What we have learned in the last one week is that Kenyan authorities are not ready to react decisively in case of emergencies to save lives. Even the handling of the Nakumatt fire, right in the middle of Nairobi, was juvenile at best.

The tanker blast in particular should be of grave concern. Some time back a similar thing happened on the Kisumu-Busia highway, killing dozens of people. my questions are: was the tanker overspeeding? what was the condition of the road? what is the ministry of transport going to do about this?

We can’t just bury the dead and hope that this never happens again. It was not an act of God as some clowns are running around claiming. This was human error. Bad roads, poor maintenance or overspeeding may have caused the tanker to skid off the road. Inexplicable stupidity and mind-numbing poverty caused the locals to rush to the site of an accident filled with petrol fumes. People caused this to happen and people can put measures in place to ensure it never happens again.

Looking at the larger picture, this seems to be a very bad time for Kenya. The boat that is Kenya keeps getting more and more holes – corruption, food shortage, political instability and many others. I keep wondering just how patient we Kenyans are. In other places and in other times things would be so different. When are we going to chase these little men who govern us out of town?