communication, communication, communication

So  I am a bit frustrated this morning. I am frustrated because after about fifteen minutes of searching, I cannot find any contact information for the offices of the Prime Minister and several other ministries of the Kenyan government. How hard can it be to put these up? How hard can it be to have someone check the mail and/or the email and at least respond to inquiries and all – I am sure there are lots of Kenyans who can do this as a part time job with almost as much pay as the clowns running our government spend on mineral water whenever they attend their many conferences and workshops.

Speaking of workshops. Do we really need all of them? Can’t government be run by competent people who don’t need training in expensive hotels every two days? My hypothesis is that the only reason we have so many workshops is because we have way too many people from villages in Vihiga, Karachuonyo or Maragua in high places. The Kenyan government need not be as expensive and complex as we’ve (or more accurately they’ve) made it.  In reality, it ought to be a team of experienced and knowledgeable technocrats focused on delivery of services and the betterment of Kenyan lives and not the hordes of half-illiterates who invariably betray their ignorance whenever they open their mouths on tv – my latest favorite being that prisons guy who said the buck never stops (I am not sure he understands what this means).

But I digress. All I wanted to know is the contact information of the vice president and prime minister of the Republic of Kenya. Anyone with this information?

PS: The Kenyan Olympic team did me really proud. Hongera!!!

zambian president dies in france

Levy Mwanawasa, the president of Zambia, has died in a French hospital. Mwanawasa was admitted in the hospital after he suffered a stroke several weeks ago. The country’s vice president, Rupiah Banda, has assumed the position of acting president, at least until new elections are held.

Mwanawasa became president in 2001 and has been a darling of the West particularly due to his distaste for corruption and love of free markets. In the last election, his opposition opponent accused him of selling his country to the two Asian giants; china and India.

It is important to note that Mwanawasa along with Kagame, Khama and Wade are the only African presidents who came out to forcefully criticize the murderous regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. He will be missed for his honesty and love of straight talk.

army takes over mauritanian government in a coup

Well, if you thought the era of coups was gone, think again. The Mauritanian army has ousted the country’s president, Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi, in a bloodless coup. The army has cited the president’s overtures to Islamic fundamentalists and his recent sacking of four of the country’s top military commanders as the reason for his ouster. The president has apparently been getting too close to Islamic fundamentalists and supposedly planned to build a mosque within the presidential compounds.

He and his wife have also been accused of corruption. Earlier in the year the president narrowly avoided a vote of no confidence in the nation’s parliament. The EU has threatened to withhold aid the Mauritanian if the president and his prime minister – both detained by the coup leaders – are not reinstated soon.

The leader of the coup, Gen. Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, has instituted a state council in place of the presidency. It is unclear how long he plans to rule the country.

Mauritania, a former French colony, is a vast country in West Africa with a population of 3.4 million. It is predominantly Arab and is a member of the Arab league. The country has large deposits of iron ore and in 2006 struck oil, making it one of Africa’s newest oil producers.