Africa’s top economies

Yesterday Nigeria unveiled new GDP figures following the rebasing that catapulted the country of 170 million to become Africa’s biggest economy (GDP US$509b). Below is the ranking of the top sixteen economies in SSA. Mineral economies (10/16) still predominate (Source: The Economist).


4 thoughts on “Africa’s top economies

  1. Thanks for this post! Recently the first Global Youth Wellbeing Index was released (see blog, and Nigeria’s youth placed last of 30 countries. I understand that GDP doesn’t buy wellbeing, but it typically helps, at least for the “economic opportunity” dimension.

    However, Nigeria is classified as a lower-middle income country (according to the World Bank), which the graph in this post helps demonstrate why. I don’t know what’s going on in Nigeria that would explain this discrepancy – apart from this article I came across yesterday – so any insights would be appreciated! I work on measuring child and youth wellbeing, but we’re only beginning to measure beyond the OECD countries. Thanks!


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