ruto is a disappointment over mau

Leaders are meant to lead – to set the agenda and make people believe that what is good for them is exactly what they need. On this count, Agriculture minister William Ruto has failed as a leader. On the issue of Mau Forest, he is increasingly sounding like a mad populist out to gain political mileage at the expense of millions of Kenyans – including those that he is purportedly protecting.

That deforestation in the Mau is causing the drying up of vital water sources – 12 rivers included – is no longer contested, not even by Mr. Ruto himself. I therefore do not understand why he is still against the eviction of those who illegally acquired land in the forest. The government has already agreed to compensate small holders (with title deeds) who were cheated into buying land in the forest. But wealthy Kenyans who acquired land in the Mau due to their connections to the Moi Administration should not be given a cent. In any case they should be investigated.

I say it is time that Mr. Ruto acted as a leader and made the case to his constituents that saving the Mau is in their best interest. This is the least he can do if he really aspires to be seen as a respectable national leader rather than an over-glorified tribal chief.

2 thoughts on “ruto is a disappointment over mau

  1. Opalo, we elect leaders to present and defend our views and our interests. For us in the North Rift, we want to save mau but not by evicting people bila mpango. Give then another land or compensate. As long as WR is presenting our view, you are wrong and he is right. Your commonsense not withstanding.


  2. I agree with you Opalo. There is something called the Common Good which overrides the interests of the Few… As you put it rightly the GVT has agreed to compensate the small holders who have titles… but You are spot ON we can’t pay Grabbers who are already rich from theieving. I support the PM inthis regard.

    Threats, Initimidation and Insults from among others our brother above will take us nowhere!


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