Asia is now richer than Europe

The Economist reports:

For the first time in modern history, Asia is now richer than Europe. And it is catching up with North America too; by 2019 the region’s wealth is expected to reach $75 trillion compared to $63 trillion in North America. And although America is still the country with by far the most millionaires in the world, of the 2m new millionaire households created last year 62% are from Asia-Pacific. China is the main driver here; it will account for 70% of Asia’s growth between now and 2019, predicts BCG, and by 2021 it will overtake America as the world’s wealthiest nation.

…… But although Asia is now richer than Europe, individual Asians are not. Once wealth (including life and pension assets) is broken down per household a different picture emerges: whereas European households now have $220,000 in wealth and America’s $370,000, China still has a long way to go with its $72,000 (as does Asia-Pacific as a whole with $54,000). Convergence is certainly conditional.

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