Quick hits

HIV self-testing showing promising results in Malawi.

Kenyan legislators, who make upwards of $175,000 a year, now have $3000 chairs to snooze on.

Jina Moore on the white correspondent’s burden in “Africa.”

This sad event in Zambia adds significance to my planned fieldwork there in the coming year on Chinese-African relations.

And lastly, celebrating the informal economy on the Continent:


1 thought on “Quick hits

  1. This is an interesting video. My only critique would be that because Dayo Olopade doesn’t smile or nod her head, the effect of her message on swaying those disinclined to agree with her is muted a bit. Every time the video buffered a snarl was upon her face. My limited knowledge of Behavioral Economics and Psychology leads me to believe that that is a bad thing.


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