politics gets in the way of justice, again

The Kenyan cabinet yesterday decided not to set up a local tribunal to try those who organized the targeted killings of people who spoke certain languages (but lived in the “wrong” places) after the bungled general elections of late 2007. Instead, in an effort to assuage the fears of a hostile parliament, the president and his cabinet decided to clean up the police force and the judiciary and have these organs try the said suspects. Yeah right.

My doubts of the cabinet’s intentions are premised on the fact that reforming the police force and the judiciary will not take a few months. The police force is the most corrupt institution in this country. Reforming it will take years. Same with the judiciary. If we are to wait for the police and judges to stop taking bribes and begin respecting the rule of law before we initiate the prosecution process then we might as well forget about the whole thing.

I remain deeply skeptical of President Kibaki’s commitment to making sure that those who organized the killing of more than 1300 Kenyans be brought to book. If he really means what he said yesterday then he should begin by firing Attorney General Amos Wako. This is a man who has been in that position through the tortures of the Moi era, the killings that preceded the 1997 general elections, and a myriad corruption scandals (including the mother of all, Goldenberg) without ever bringing any prominent player to book. Mr. Wako has been as effective as a parachute that deploys on the second bounce and should be shown the door, no questions asked.

It was always going to be difficult to bring the oafish  ethnic chiefs masquerading as patriots to book. Yesterday was a stark reminder to all Kenyans that justice is political and that if change doesn’t come soon the powerful will continue doing what they want and leave the weak to suffer what they must.

1 thought on “politics gets in the way of justice, again

  1. Its true what you are saying. We had a situation in Baringo where Pastor Meshack Gachago and Festus Koech came to a church in Baringo. email them at feskiko2004@yahoo.com and meshacksg@yahoo.com. They actually are the ones who brough CLIP and DECI investments schemes to Kabarnet (they took more than 40 million Kenya shillings). Google “Meshack Gachago” and you will see he is the director of CLIP.He has a blog http://www.frontlineapmission.wordpress.com =this is how they cover their evil deeds. They are masters at dividing and conqueroring. They came to a church in Kabarnet ,essentially driving out a pastor. They did coup on the pastor and humiliated him before his church. At the end of the meeting they stood up and said “We don’t care if ICC gets involved or the Hague- we are doing this and we don’t care”. They supported some leaders who are openly corrupt and landgrabbers. We are telling you what we have seen and heard, there is even a video documentation. We don’t blame the politicians anymore, we blame corrupt and false leaders like Gachago and Koech. Thanks for exposing these wolves, great post!


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