Kenyan election update

Results painfully slowly coming in. About 5.54m votes have been counted so far with 43% of centres reporting. 333k of thesey have been rejected.

Interestingly, the IEBC this evening announced that the rejected votes will also go into the final tally since the law requires that the winner get 50%+1 of all votes cast.

That means that Kenyatta’s effective vote share at 11PM on Tuesday is 50.3% and Odinga’s is 39.6%.

The difference in raw votes between the two candidates has stagnated at aroung 600k all evening.

It appears that IEBC will simply incorporate the votes rejected without an audit. As I said below this move will likely force a runoff.

6% of ballots cast, so far, were rejected – a massive civic education FAIL, both on the part of IEBC and political parties.

1 thought on “Kenyan election update

  1. So with the above, will I be right to say that your previous message could be contradicting – No runoff?. As you have mentioned above, we are headed to a runoff. Kindly note that; The Constituition of Kenya 2010 section 138. (4) says “A candidate shall be declared elected as President if the candidate receives— (a) more than half of all the votes cast in the election;…” This means all calculation of percentages will be based on all CAST votes, remember rejected votes are also cast votes, the key word here is how you define a cast vote. A cast vote is a VOTE that has been taken by a voter marked and deliberately “thrown” or put in a definate direction. A rejected vote fits in this category and is only rejected because of various reasons i.e. put in the wrong box, marked the wrong way etc but it doesn’t stop being a vote and hence it is counted. We need to be clear that although it will be counted, it shall not be assigned to anyone.


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