Introducing the African School of Economics

Dr. Leonard Wantchekon of Princeton has set the ball rolling on what is a promising project.

The [African School of Economics] ASE will meet the urgent need for an academic institution capable of generating the necessary human capital in Africa. Although the region has seen significant improvements in primary and secondary education in the past few decades there is still a pressing need for advanced education centers.  Through our PhD programs, we hope to provide the missing African voice in many Africa-related academic debates. Furthermore, through our Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master in Public Administration (MPA), Executive MBA and MPA (EMBA and EMPA), Master in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics (MMES), and Master in Development Studies (MDS) programs, we will provide the technical capacity that will enable more Africans to be hired into top management positions in development agencies and multinational corporations operating on the continent. This will foster sustainable hiring practices that will retain talent and experience in Africa.

The school will open its doors in 2014.

Check out an introductory video by Dr. Wantchekon here.

5 thoughts on “Introducing the African School of Economics

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  2. hi man? I agree with you, the introduction of the African School of Economics is the best ideas in offering us in Africa the best technical capacity needed in most managerial positions.
    I will be waiting for these introduction eagerly since i just finished my undergraduate here in Economics and Statistics.
    (Congrats Opalo for your achievements this far you make us, Mang’u alumni, proud. i was in form 1 when you were in forth form n man! that legacy….)


  3. That is great news! If there be any truth to the development of Africa agenda, then the west are well advised to look at developing the manpower. Africa will only grow if growth is driven by Africans, all else is self service.


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