South Sudan to relocate capital to Ramciel

The Sudan Tribute reports:

“The survey for the proposed new capital of South Sudan, Ramciel, is expected to be completed within the next six months, reports the official in charge of the project.

resolved to suspend any construction of new public buildings for the national government in Juba.

Juba was disqualified for a number of reasons including administrative stalemate over which level of government its jurisdiction should fall under.”

That is the official reason.

Source: Political Geography Now

I know very little about the deliberations that resulted in the move but another reason could be that Juba was too far from the new nation’s centre of (ethno) political gravity (see maps; click on image to enlarge). Relocations of capitals almost invariably have political considerations. One only hopes that the Bari community whose ancestral homeland is around Juba will not suddenly find themselves completely abandoned by the central government.

The government should ensure that Ramciel does not suddenly suck in all the money. It could prove beneficial to decouple the political and economic capitals of the country.

Source: Gulf 2000 Project

On the plus side this is a sign that the new government in Juba is willing to try out new things. A fresh start in Ramciel might not be such a bad idea.

4 thoughts on “South Sudan to relocate capital to Ramciel

  1. It’s a noble idea for South Sudan to build a new Capital, but i think Sudan will make sure that any step in the right direction by the new nation will be sabotged.South Sudan must chanel it’s resources in creating a strong Air Force that will protect it’s skys from Sudan’s aggresion.


  2. I’m happy for ROSS leaders who think to make Ramciel as new capital of South Sudan.Look my Region Upper Nile state,county Nasir,payam Mading it is very far away from Juba while city is central state of the country or all four side(northern,southern,western and eastern) have an equal distance from the city,but juba is located at border side of uganda is not a center of south sudan.Please do not make that idea as a politically way,it is best for all state.If you are good citizen think for the benefit of all citizen not only your interest,think to make happy with other citizen and joy all interest from citizen.Ramciel will become benefit for all south sudanese,hi you guy do not say this politic it is Dinka or Nuer think it is good idea for all nation of SS people.Nothing wrong in juba but it is located at border side of the country.But please you guy ministers do not put your hand on corruption,the way of dictatorship, less management,please put your hand to build the country as you know our country have a lot of river,swarm they may take time to cross the road from state to state and county to state or county to county,but you guy ministers if you think well it is easy to build the construction building like bridge,highway,road asphalt,tunnel,and other construction material.For the willing of God Ramciel become beautiful city in East Africa.God Bless people of South Sudan


  3. Hi, could you be please to acknowledge that, those who claim to be well educated are killers, they kills the people of the South Sudan, by stilling their resourcese and put them into their packet. If I put myself instead of all South Sudanese, our tribes should be South Sudan as one tribe. If you mentioned others tribes, perhaps Dinka or Nuer, that means you yourself are tribalism cause, because not everyone who can read or write is person. I a’m not care, wherever, the capital city is located is the place to be. But most above all is the interest of our public. An claim leader can be judge by his deed in the future,


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