Zambian Election Results


Sata is leading 47% – 34% in the latest confirmed results from the electoral commission of Zambia. Most of these confirmed results are from Sata strongholds. Banda will almost definitely narrow the gap once the numbers from his base get put on the board.


Results (not yet confirmed by the electoral commission of Zambia) posted on Zambian Economist indicate that PF has won 49/150, MMD 13/150 and UPND 4/150 of of the 66 constituencies with results.

It looks like turnout was high in the election (might reach the low 60s) which is good for the opposition Patriotic Front. PF will definitely be the biggest political party in parliament. Preliminary presidential results are expected to be announced later this evening. From back of the envelope calculation of the already announced constituency results it appears that Sata is ahead by a sizable margin.

It is important to remember that most of the results are from the urban areas of Zambia. The MMD and Mr. Banda will definitely have a strong showing once the results from the countryside start trickling in.


Unconfirmed reports indicate that PF has scooped all 22 seats on the Copperbelt, all the seats in Lusaka, 12 out of 14 in Luapula.

Banda has a wide lead in Eastern Province. MMD has apparently won all seats except one.

Turnout numbers are still not here yet. Presidential results still under wraps. Will update as I get more results.

10 thoughts on “Zambian Election Results

  1. I believe MMD is leading in the rural areas of CB as well as Lusaka rural. Change is necessary whichever way. MMD was perceived too corrupt. Working as a civil servant, I personally saw the corruption.


  2. rupia shuld give us wat we want.he should respect the will of the pipo n allow as to lead by some one we chose.pliz twapapata dont let pipo die coz u dont want to accept.


  3. I heard that that RB went to another corrupt african leader for election theiving tricks and tips. Let’s wait and see what hupens.


  4. @savvykenya It’s not as easy as that. It’s very heard to rig within Lusaka and other urbanite areas where results come quickly. In villages is where all the action takes place.


  5. What is the number of population for rural areas of Zambia that the MMD is hoping that they will win this election. In Zambia the rural areas do not have as much people as urban areas. This is simply a theory that they (MMD) have been using to steal the votes, this time around is not going to work. Rupiah Banda has been wired big time by both Michael Sata and Hakainde Hichilema. I wonder why people even think that Rupiah Banda is likely to catch up with Michael Sata. If possible HH might even do better than Rupiah. This time there will be more UPND and Patriotic Front in the National Assembly and MMD will not be able to pass any law even if they steal the presidency.

    Why should results take more than 48 hours to announce after conducting an election? Since did the courts of law began working in the night? All these are simple suggestion to say RB has lost the elections and they want to do it the Gbagbo way or simply rig the elections. But they must understand that they will be putting the lives many Zambians at risk and we do not want such to happen in Zambia.


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