More on economic development

Brookings has two pieces worth reading on the state of Africa’s economies.

The main takeaways are that: 1) there are many Africa’s; some states are doing well while others continue to run around in circles 2) Governance, Governance, Governance. You cannot have a thriving business sector amidst high levels of unpredictability and 3) Trade, both intra-continental and to other regions of the world, is the key to African development.

You can find the reports here and here.

2 thoughts on “More on economic development

  1. How do you feel about the proposed monetary union and possible political federation of the East African Community?


  2. Jason, greater integration means a bigger market and better labor mobility. I just hope that monetary union will be accompanied by greater fiscal coordination so we don’t have the problems that the EU is going through right now.

    I am mostly optimistic about it all though.


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