fuel shortage in kenya: kibaki administration on the spot

The Kenyan government is frantically trying to avert strikes and demonstrations over the rapidly rising cost of living.

State House and Agip House certainly don’t want a repeat of the recent events in Uganda where inflation demonstrations have turned bloody.

Mr. Atuoli, the number one Kenyan trade unionist, has given the government a three-week strike notice if things do not change. Trade Unions in Kenya are demanding a 60% rise in the minimum wage to just over US $150 a month. Presently that figure stands at around US $94.

The government is also on the spot over corruption and mismanagement of the oil sector. According to the Daily Nation:

Since October last year, the ministry of Energy introduced regulations prohibiting imports of oil outside the ministry of energy-coordinated Open Tender Supply system (OTS).

Under this system, all oil imported into the country, including fuel headed for neighbouring Uganda and Rwanda, must come into the country by one ship, imported by one player and shared by the rest according to market share.

With private imports by individual marketers restricted, all players must patiently wait to get supplies from the next OTS tender, even when their customers want more.

The only exception are the rare cases where politically-favoured  importers are allowed to bring in product from outside the system.

Access to the only pipeline is regulated by an ullage committee under the oversight of the ministry of Energy.

Yet another case of a few Kenyans making loads of chapaa on the backs of regular wananchi.

And speaking of the apparently invincible incompetence of the Kenyan government, dozens of Kenyans were killed by Ethiopians in what the area MP characterized as a regular rite of initiation (“It is in their tradition. After circumcision you must look for a Turkana to prove your manhood.” [Video: 1.53] I say WTF!!!!!!!). The attacks occurred not far from a police post. Such attacks are regular in northern Kenya, a region that might as well be part of Chad as far as Nairobi is concerned. Someone in the Internal Security Ministry is not doing his job.

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