Goodluck Jonathan wins pdp nomination

Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has won his party’s primary nomination. The BBC reports:

Correspondents say the margin of his victory was a huge surprise, with several central and northern states backing Mr Jonathan, a southerner.

“The People’s Democratic Party has spoken with one strong voice,” Mr Jonathan said in his acceptance speech, wearing a trademark fedora hat and black traditional robe.

The African behemoth (population > 150 million) holds elections in April. Mr. Jonathan is favored to win.


1 thought on “Goodluck Jonathan wins pdp nomination

  1. we can only wish jonathan, good luck, he follows african trend where its not hard defeating an incumbent, its impossible! and that doesnt happen in africa alone by the way its only that things here are much publicised, hope he gets pats robertson (700 club extremist) now that jonathan sounds christian…no snide in my tone!


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