suspected drug trafficking kenyan mps named in parliament

John Harun Mwau, William Kabogo, Gideon “Sonko” Mbuvi and Suleiman Joho are the four MPs suspected of being drug traffickers. Prof. George Saitoti, Minister for Internal Security, made the announcement in parliament. Of the four Mr. Mwau’s mention shocked me the most. For some reason I thought his wealth was exclusively from his business skills and sleaze during the Moi era. Messrs Mbuvi and Kabogo have always had rumors of shadiness around them, with the former being a bona fide jailbird. Other suspected MPs include Eugene Wamalwa and Simon Mbugua.

Drug use is on the rise in Kenyan urban centres. It is a shame that it took the intervention of the US Ambassador for the Kenyan security agencies to expose those involved in the destruction of Kenyan lives.

This is yet another example of how the people entrusted with the future of Kenya are the same ones actively undermining it through sleaze, negligence and outright criminality.

More on this here.

4 thoughts on “suspected drug trafficking kenyan mps named in parliament

  1. We should not be quick to rush to judgement. They are still under investigation and reserve your comments until the investigations are complete


  2. You surprise me by being so judgemental. I feel like you are a failure who doesn’t believe in riches. I want to put it to you that trying to decieve people with no facts other than gata press is way out of an intellectual minds league. I want to prove it to you right here online.
    If it is true that the so called drug barons are making money millions of money then we should think through it critically and with an open mind.It is said that there are 20000 drug addicts in kenya. Considering the cost of cocaine is 600 per gram would this number make 4 MPs millionaires. What the media is bringing out now is that the drug addicts say they are given drugs for free by american tourists and Italians too. I doubt very much that a drug addict can fail to know where he gets his regular jab! It is said the drug barons ship their consignment to America. I doubt this allegation because America has is a super power who got great CIAs and secret service.Is Ranneberger normal? America found sadam in a hole.Getting our MPs should be easy Peasy. Ranneberger is suggesting that our Kenyan Police who they say are corrupt could do a better job than American so called secret service. Ranne is acting Mr Innocent Accuser. I am suspecting he could be the baron and I will give my reasons. Towards the end of last year ranne brought in Rotten maize for IDPs, I doubt very much that the container had maize only. He refused for KEBS to check the maize. It is amazing that what he is calling evidence is some stupid papers which the CIA have not endorsed as evidence. I urge the police to take this matter seriously and investigate Ranneberger as well.Ranneberger got worried when the Maize saga was discovered fearing more truth. When we were kids and would do wrong we would be the first to say “sio mimi” even before we are accused. Such is the character of Ranneberger, His execellency the Ambassador


  3. Marie. Thanks for your comments, the distasteful tone notwithstanding.

    I hope you realize that no one has claimed that all the drugs trafficked were destined for the Kenyan market. Kenya is but a mere transit point for the more lucrative markets in the West and other wealthier countries.

    Also, please take time to read the Nation article that describes the clandestine drug operations involving the security forces and the military. My hunch is that the government knows what it is talking about.

    Beyond that, as you have intimated, it is wise to wait for the courts to decide based on the available evidence.


  4. Am Kinda feeling you Kennop. It would be great if it is true evidence then the Ambassador should waiv his immunity. Sources say that he has refused to waiv it fearing that if he looses he would pay dearly for peddling false allegations.I would want the Ambassador to stop his comical acts of lying. If the drugs were not destined for Kenya then why is it that they do not know the trail? Kennop we are talking CIA here. It is very unfair that Ranneberger is really insisting and not one day has he ever talked to Charterhouse bankers. He is so selfish. Does he think that we are so stupide as to not see what he is doing? I would be doing my PHD now but Rannerberger has been lying to the world that we clients of the bank are drug lords.My money is still there cos he is insisting. Sources say that he downloaded a document online and calls it new evidence! Gosh! illiteracy is not all about not knowing how to read or write.


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