happy mashujaa day to all Kenyans out there

20th of October is heroes (and heroines) day in Kenya. This blog wishes all Kenyans out there a happy Mashujaa Day. I particularly would like to honor those who fought for the second liberation following the passing on of President Kenyatta. Special mention goes to President Kibaki and Premier Odinga, Murungi, Njoya, Nyong’o, Matiba, Odinga, Ngilu, Karua, Wamalwa, Maathai, Orengo, Muite, Shikuku, Anyona, among others.

flagIt is also important, on this day, to remember the millions of Kenyans who still live like it is 1962. The fruits of independence have largely been confined to the parasitical wabenzi class and their cronies in government while regular wananchi suffer.

2 thoughts on “happy mashujaa day to all Kenyans out there

  1. Hongera to mashujaa wetu all Kenyans even those who live like its not yet independence are heroes in one way or the other.


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