saving rift valley railways

I hope some day someone will write a novel about how one Mr. Roy Puffet, a rather nondescript South African, managed to rake in millions at the expense of East African tax payers in the Rift Valley Railways (RVR) deal. The railway company is now in the hands of Egyptian investors and as Mr. Kisero of The Nation points out, I hope the Egyptians will make good of their promise and invest in making RVR good for the Kenyan economy.

The RVR deal is a lesson in bureaucratic incompetence. The Kenyan treasury sat by as sneaky businessmen like Mr. Puffet cut deals and made millions without doing anything in the way of improving the Kenyan railway system. In a country led by sane people we would have expected someone to take some responsibility over this. But not in Kenya. I bet someone high up in the Kenyan treasury was in cahoots with Mr. Puffet.

1 thought on “saving rift valley railways

  1. That is how the system appears to be working. We do need need to bring sense back into the society.It used to be a treasure traveling in the long coaches.Let’s stop having pipe dreams and do something for nation building. Sanity needs to be brought back to our society.


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