zuma defends polygamy at davos

Yesterday South African president Jacob Zuma defended polygamy at Davos, adding that those who think their culture is superior have a problem.

This is absolutely ridiculous. The fight against polygamy is not a cultural war. It is a war against the unfair treatment of women. It is very irresponsible of Mr. Zuma to set such a sad example for his countrymen.

2 thoughts on “zuma defends polygamy at davos

  1. Personally against any form of oppression, on the same note i’ve ‘happy’ in this types of unions. We all want to be happy – I hope Zuma’s wives are happy


  2. Although I value the institution of marriage and family, I am enough of a realist to accept that true fidelity is rarely, if ever achieved. As a result, I accept that children born out of wedlock or as a result of adulterous relationships are a fact of life.

    What I find more difficult to accept is why a man openly engaged in a polygamous lifestyle would still be guilty of “adultery” and fathering children “out of wedlock”. Are his 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 wives not enough? Why doesn’t he simply marry every woman he beds?

    Then again, why marry at all? Surely, marriage becomes a moot point by the time a man has once again joined himself to yet another woman for the umpteenth time.

    I suggest that Zuma simply beds every woman he finds attractive, whenever he wants…. and then moves onto the next one when he is bored or sees something more appealing on the horizon.

    Each one is then entitled to financial assistance for herself and any children he has fathered at the taxpayers expense, true re-distribution of the country’s wealth?

    An interesting point to consider, if women are constitutionally equal to men, then surely it is reasonable that they should be entitled to the same privileges as their South African brothers.

    Keeping in mind that culture is not a static thing and that it evolves with “the people”, I look forward to the day when my fellow countryWOMEN decide that it is time for them to take 3 or 4 or 5 husbands each.

    Time for a “new culture” to emerge: one woman with several husbands… I am sure that each one of her husbands will be grateful for every moment that “their wife” deigns to spare each of them. I am sure that they would proudly accompany her wherever she chooses, publicly supporting her right to live her life according to her belief system and culture.

    Sorry… what was that?!!! You think she’s sexually promiscuous? You think it is wrong? Or unnatural? Maybe you think it is unfair to her partners? That it degrades them and shows the world that they, collectively, have less value than she does?

    Amazing how unnatural polygamy appears from a slightly different perspective.

    Just because something forms part of a group’s culture, does not mean it should continue ad infinitum. As stated, cultures change and develop with their people.

    It times past, it was common practice in ALL cultures that teenage girls were married as early as possible. Most of these girls would be considered children by modern society’s standards and their husbands would be jailed for pedophilia, but thankfully, even though this was an integral part of our “CULTURE”, we have grown and developed beyond the need to treat our daughters like property and expose them to the dangers of early sex and labour before their bodies and psyches are ready for responsibilities that come with adulthood.

    Well, most of us have… the practice of marrying one’s pre-pubescent and pubescent daughters is still practiced in many less educated, less developed parts of the world!

    And, like polygamy, this practice is still excused and protected by MEN’S RIGHTS TO PRACTISE THEIR CULTURES. Shame!!!


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