the world cup draws

South Africa (Group A) get Mexico, Uruguay and France

Cote d’Ivoire (Group G) get Portugal, North Korea and Brazil

Ghana (Group D) get Germany, Australia and Serbia

Cameroon (Group E) get Netherlands, Denmark and Japan

Nigeria (Group B) get Argentina, Greece and South Korea

Algeria (Group C) get England, the US and Slovenia

All the groups look good for the African teams (may be not so much in Group G which is quickly seeming like it is going to be the “group of death”). My money is on Cameroon, Ghana and Ivory Coast. They have the talent and will sure get enough support from the “home crowd” in South Africa to propel them even further. Outside the Continent, Italy and Spain will be the teams to watch since they have the easiest groups – plus of course the usual Latin American suspects: Argentina and Brazil.

Let the sounds of the vuvuzela begin!

2 thoughts on “the world cup draws

  1. I think Ivory Coast will have a very difficult time beating both portugal and brazil. I think Portugal is a good candidate for the cup this year. This group will have great games.
    And England has a pretty easy group as well… I expect England will go far on this one.


  2. Brazil leads the pack obviously then I’d put my “African” bet on Ghana. they seem pretty organized and that pretty much wins you tournaments


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