where is John Harun Mwau

This morning as I was trying to read on the parliamentary reform strategy, I took time to look at the list of members of parliament. Following the 2007 election, a lot of newbies joined the list. But the list also has those who have been household names since the Moi era. One of these old guards is John Harun Mwau, the honorable member of parliament for Kilome.

Back in the day he was a permanent fixture in the news. But since the last election he has gone completely MIA. Where is he? And whatever happened to his reform agenda?

4 thoughts on “where is John Harun Mwau

  1. Hi, good question, I invite you to visit Kilome and see the making of a model constituency. I was there to visit the folks a few weeks ago and I could not believe it. The roads are getting done, a problematic bridge at Muangini has been constructed, electricity and boreholes are becoming commonplace and he has managed to fight sand harvesters. The people seem very happy and contented, if you are in Nairobi, spare a Sunday to go there since the constituency touches Mombasa road all the way from Salama to Sultan Hamud.


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