explaining the silence…

To my dear readers,

Many apologies for my silence over the last few days. Yours truly was a senior this year and graduation festivities took up all my time. That explains why I haven’t blogged in quite some time. Expect to hear a lot from me this summer. I will be in my home town Nairobi working with Pact-Kenya. After that I head out West (of the US) to Palo Alto for grad school at Stanford. Total excitement!

On a different note, have you heard of clowns without borders? When I first heard about them I thought Blattman was just clowning but a few links later found out that this was an actual NGO-type group. I don’t know what I think about their work though. I feel like people in troubled areas do not need this kind of cheering up. They need help out of their situation. A few tickles, worth thousands of dollars (the last time I heard these clowns had flown all the way to Haiti), will only distract them from their troubles for a few minutes. To me this group seems like a travel club desperate to justify its existence.

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