of sex boycotts and wife battery

I found this story quite amusing. Kenyan women, married and otherwise, have been urged to boycott sex in solidarity with those pushing for reforms and constitutional review in the country. G10 – a group of women lobbies – went as far as recruiting prostitutes in the boycott. I am curious to see the efficacy of this move. And just in case you are wondering, this particular form of coercion is not unique to Kenyan women. As far back as in ancient Greece – the ancient Greek play Lysistrata has the story – women have occasionally done this to protest against unwanted male behavior.

I was a bit disappointed though by some of the reactions by men – as seen on Nation TV – to this story. A number of those interviewed admitted on TV that they would beat their wives if they did not get their conjugal rights. It says a lot about Kenyan society if in this day and age men can still openly admit to living cave-man lives and get away with it. If I were a police officer I would use some of these men as an example – track them to find out if they actually beat their wives and put them on trial then throw them in jail. It should never be OK for any man to admit that he beats his wife. And to do so on television ought to warrant some punishment.

Good luck G10, although I doubt if the real power players in the country – the very old men around the president – are active in the bedroom enough to be seriously affected by this boycott.

3 thoughts on “of sex boycotts and wife battery

  1. Prostitution will profit. Interesting how so many people have attempted this over the centuries. I wrote an article about the same stuff. Cool site you got here.


  2. Its sad G10 had to push this far to in anticipation of being heard! I luv your site dude!


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