President Kibaki: “I have only one wife”

President Kibaki made a rare show by holding a press conference to dispel rumours that he has a second wife or mistress. With the first lady Lucy Kibaki by his side, the president pleaded with the media to stop peddling what he termed as “uongo” (lies) about his involvement with another woman. He warned that anyone continuing to spread “such lies” would see him in court. After the president made his remarks the stunned members of the press seemed unable to ask any questions. Mrs. Kibaki then had a tearful outburst, calling out Paul Muite, among others. Yesterday Mr. Muite said that the government’s raid on the Standard three years ago was to prevent the newspaper from running a story about the president’s alleged second family. Mr. Muite has refused to either retract his comments or apologise to the first family.

wambui2_2The woman in the middle of the controversy is one Mary Wambui (left), popularly known as a “Narc-Kenya activist.” Ms. Wambui first came onto the national stage after president Kibaki’s election victory in 2002. Back then the media started to inquire about her relationship with the president when a 24 hour security detail was sent to her house.

I commend the president for his bravery on this matter. Whatever his involvement is/was with Ms. Wambui, I am glad that he came out and unequivocally denied that he had more than one wife. The first lady – and by extension the women of Kenya – deserve respect and the rumours about the president’s mistress have not helped that cause. I hope this denunciation of mistresses does not just end with the president but permeates across Kenyan society. I say it is time Kenyan men closed all those “nyumba ndogos”. Kenyan women deserve better.

5 thoughts on “President Kibaki: “I have only one wife”

  1. The president is just being dishonest. While I personally do not care how many wives, girlfriends or even boyfriends the president has, I will refuse the invitation to be callously lied to. The “other woman” has since stated before all Kenyans that she will be vying for the Othaya seat when “her husband” retires. She enjoys round the clock protection by the same unit that protects the president, manages the president’s farm in Nyahururu and was constantly by the president’s side pre 2002. Her daughter has the surname “Mwai” and her Armenian boyfriend was accorded the respect and protection given to foreign dignitaries not to mention that he was made a Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police. Respect to women means all women not just first wives. The president displayed a fantastic ability to distort the truth and an inherent inability to stand up to scrutiny.


  2. So, what exactly are you saying? That the reason the reporters decided to quit questioning them is because they were afraid that a litigation would be slapped on the paper they work for? In otherwords; that there is indeed a second family and that the reporters are too intimidated to continue taunting this couple? Is there so much power in the Kenyan gov’t that they CAN be so intimidated? I find that interesting. Hmmm….


  3. yes, the Kenyan presidency is a super-presidency. And the media seemed kind of intimidated by the first lady. And yeah, there is definitely more to the Wambui story than the president let out at the press conference.


  4. Yes,the president was right,how can he lie on such sensitive issue.Thanks for en lighting the kenyan citizen through press on the issue


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