what is the deal with Migingo Island?

Ugandan authorities have occupied an Island that might be on the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria. The Kenyan government has done nothing but ask for there to be talks on the status of the Island. Now, I am not a war-monger or anything but this is not the way to do things. The Kenyan Navy should be patrolling around the Island in a show of force even as the talks proceed. That President Museveni of Uganda has imperial ambitions is not a secret. He openly campaigns to be the first president of the to-be-formed East African Federation. This move on Migingo Island might be his idea of testing the waters to see how Kenya might respond to such moves.

I say we let the Ugandans know that even though we are not itching to go to war with them they cannot routinely occupy Kenyan territory without consequences – they have done this before in the north west of Kenya and even killed a few Kenyans with BOMBS! under the pretext of chasing cattle rustlers.

Migingo Island may be small, and even economically worthless but we should retain it nonetheless.

And speaking of disputed territories, when are we going to make it official that the Ilemi triangle is part of the Republic of Kenya? We have administered this part of south east Sudan forever and I think it is time we made it clear to the international community that it belongs to Kenya.

9 thoughts on “what is the deal with Migingo Island?

  1. The soverenity of a country, the security of its people and property is paramount for any country. Kenya’s response to Uganda’s occupation is simply pathetic and very sad for those Kenyans trying to earn a living there. For a long time Kenya fishermen have been harassed and boats confisticated by Ugandan authorities, when will the Kenyan leadership ever come to the aid of its people at time of need.


  2. your comment was done with such little research.am a kenyan and honestly speaking migingo belongs to the ugandans.


  3. If you are right, many apologies to the Ugandans. But the government must also know this and so I wonder why they continue to keep Kenyans in the dark – or do they want to take the island from the Ugandans??


  4. We don’t need to go to war or force our military into action if they are not prepared.Uganda being a landlocked country heavily relying on Mombasa port should be sabotaged economically.Who needs the other most?Recall all Kenyans in Uganda back home,close our diplomatic ties with them,then close the border.Let them incur added expenses of relying on either Dar-es-salaam port or elsewhere.


  5. I’ve done numerous searches and honestly, even a simple map as Google clearly shows on which side Migingo island lies. If it ever belonged to Uganda, definitely they would have taken control right from Idi Amin’s times. Remember he once claimed that all the land till Naivasha was supposed to be Uganda’s territory? How I so wish this issue had come up during the Kenyatta or Moi eras. It would have been resolved very quickly. Right now the Ugandan administration knows that Kenya has a lame duck for a President and he can’t do anything. That island has never belonged to Uganda. Check even the oldest of maps.


  6. hey we know that the Island is in Kenya. But lets consider why is it so important to the Kenyans? easy access to fish in Ugandan waters that start exactly at the west bank of the Island. It is okay U can keep the stupid Island we have many more but stay off our waters and lets see who wins or if the stupid island will be of any use to you again.You have not considered why your ministers are unwilling to go full force in argument about it but insist on amicable solution…..they know the truth that when all is said Kenyans will realize that they have been exploiting Uganda’s resources illegally and if they decide to chase Ugandans off we will also ban them from our fishing waters that is why they are all going on about EAC trade and brotherhood. Brotherhood my foot!!!!!!!!!! when all the Kenyans are talking about in response to the conflict is tankers, snipers and whatever it is they imagine is the strongest language to state war.

    Keep the stupid Island and stay off our waters then we may see if you will still want it that much.That is why the ministers are insisting on EAC fair trade because they know that while they posses the Islands they do not posses the rich waters near it.

    Please do not hate us because we are gifted by nature!!!!!just praise God for us. May be He will bless you too.


  7. Migingo Island is resently by some inquiries of our politicians lamented as a gift Kenya gave to the Ugandans since back during the post election violence some Uganda soldiers were used to shut down the poor Kenyans in Kisumu .This is what led to the killings.


  8. Hi All!
    It is really absurd to see this parthetic claims of Migingo! even in law Museveni’s personal remarks of rescent progress on the Island will be evidence against him and will be a tell tale of how agressive Uganda is against all it’s neighbours like Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Kagera in Tanzania and now Kenya!!
    Uganda should realise that they are tradeing a bad trade and if anything they are the one to suffer in all dimensions!! for kenya it has alot of tradeing partners and enough resources to say!! Uganda is suffocating in its resources thats why it’s expansion policies with its neighbour!! Believe U me they are opportunist and not all of them to say just but a few selfish individuals of smugglers in government!! why should the poor Ugandans suffer at their expense???? Actions must be taken!!!


  9. Anis,

    I argue Museveni to donate Migingo to Kenya to satisfy the fury of kenyans. But at the same time I ask Museveni not to allow kenyans to fish in ugandan waters any more.

    From now henceforth let the marine border between the two countries be respected so that Kenyans fish on their 6% of the lake that they hAve heavily poluted and Ugandans on their 42%.

    After this is done then the Kenyans can eat thier patrotism. In pity the poor Luo fishmen who have been depending on fish stolen from the ugandan side.


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