the sunday editorials

The Sunday Nation has some interesting opinion pieces this week. The rage is all about the recent scandals and president Kibaki’s lucklustre attempts at containing them. Makau Mutua, the head of the Kenyan Human Rights Commission, has a piece on the current scandals rocking the country. I only wish the Kenyan middle class would read such pieces more closely and realize just how much horse manure our leaders keep piling on us – and do something about it. Mutahi Ngunyi offers a clever conspiracy theory on the Kibaki succession saga. I don’t buy it though – I think PNU will lose in 2012 because none of its current leaders match the president’s national popularity. Phillip Ochieng’ offers a comment on the election of Barack Obama as president of the US and racial politics. Although I do not agree with the way he phrases his argument, I concur with him that the fact that  “even the most junior white diplomat in African capitals feels free to comment licentiously about the erratic ways of governments” is disrespectful and reeks of 19th century bigotry.

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