are these guys serious?

Quoting the Daily Nation, “Kenya will lease out 40,000 hectares (about 100,000 acres) of land to a Gulf state to grow food at a time when the country is facing serious food shortages.”

Like seriously? could we not just grow the food and then sell it to these people from the desert? Is it really worth it for a port at Lamu? Can we not get that money from somewhere else? How about a joint ownership venture with the government owning like 90%. Wouldn’t this be more beneficial to the tax payer?

You know, this story reminds of a concept about state formation: It is only those leaders who have at one time had to defend and fight for their borders that really care about them. It has only been forty years and Kenyan leaders have completely forgotten how the Mau Mau had to fight and die for national freedom. Yes they were no match for the mighy UK and yes the UK would have stayed if they really wanted (HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE), but the fact remains that they fought and died for their country. The same country that some half-baked rascals are now eagerly leasing away with alacrity. I am pissed off to the bones by this. We are facing a food shortage and instead of using our land to grow our food we are leasing it off for other people to grow their own food?? Like where does this even begin to make sense????

Why, Kibaki, why???

So what happens after we’ve parceled off most of Kenya to Qatar, China, India, UAE, the Saudis and just about anyone willing to pay the goons that we’ve entrusted with our political leadership? Are we gonna become squatters again? Are we gonna start being called “boy” again? Are we gonna revert to being nothing but farm workers and clerks again? And what kind of children will we be raising when all the bosses employing all the parents are from somewhere else? Are NOT Kenyan?? Now don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating for an autarky by that statement. It just bothers me to think that we are risking a case where employment in the farms, in the factory, in the city all belong to foreigners. This will be a big dent to our national psyche. We need to make Kenyans feel like they can amount to something more than being the drivers of some Saudi tycoon.

And where exactly are the Kenyan millionaires? Can’t they afford to invest in such ventures? What are they waiting for? They could get government guarantees of whatever kind and have parliamentary oversight (these thieves to check on corruption?? – hey I know this is ludicrous but please allow me to dream for that is the only way to remain sane in moments like these) and grow food and feed Kenyans so we can stop reading and seeing those disturbing images of fellow Kenyans starving. How hard can it be? Am I delusional for thinking it can’t be that hard? I ask again, how hard can it be?

ps: The comedy that is Kenyan politics never ceases to make me laugh. So ODM, instead of holding proper elections just creates posts for everyone. As many vice presidents as there are serious contenders. As many secretaries as there are serious contenders and so on and so forth. Does anybody ever think of how this looks to someone who is just a little bit more curious and questioning than the very gullible proverbial Wanjiku?

And the PNU crowd. They elected a name that as a kid I thought was synonymous with “Vice President.” Can we get new faces and names please?

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