talk of getting your priorities wrong…..

So there is this story on the BBC website about the Nigerians raising about US $630,000 that they intended to contribute to the Obama campaign. This is as ridiculous as it is stupid. First of all, if these people care enough about Obama they would have visited his website already and noticed that when you try to contribute money you get asked specifically whether you are a US citizen – US politicians are prohibited by law from receiving contributions from foreigners.

Second, these people have got their priorities all wrong. Why raise so much money to send to the US? Aren’t there enough suffering Nigerians and Africans that this money might have helped? Come on Nigerians. Come on!

2 thoughts on “talk of getting your priorities wrong…..

  1. That is what you call grade A fuckery, pardon my french. Nigeria has enough problems of its own to throw money at Obama who is getting more than enough from US funders.


  2. Dear AFRICANS! Why would you want to send money to a rich uncle in the city while your children are out of school, have no decent shelter, are dying of common diseases and your uncle’s children are graduates, live in a brick house, have medical cover with frequent checks and have NOT requsted for your assistance!


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