senegalese shame

The events in Senegal last Monday are yet another blow to the democratization of a very undemocratic continent of Africa. Senegal has always been a beacon of hope and a symbol of sobriety in the most turbulent region of the African continent. But even its impressive track record could not stop Abdoulaye Wade, one of the few African leaders I have respect for, from extending the presidential term from five to seven years. Why Wade, why?

At a time when you are criticizing Mugabe for being a despot, don’t you think it is inappropriate for you to extend your own term? The Senegalese parliament should go jump over a cliff for this.

(any English speaking Senegalese people out there?)

3 thoughts on “senegalese shame

  1. yes am senegalese and my advice is u stick to your zillion problems in Kenya. you are still primitive killing your own brothers. you are least qualified to discuss senegal.


  2. Owuor, if you could bother to read my other posts, you will realise that I make commentaries on stories that I find of interest from throughout the continent (Including my very flawed home country, Kenya).

    Could we have a sober debate on issues and desist from calling each other names?


  3. I’m senegalese too and I say Wade is a shame for Senegal… Extending his term, trying to position his son at the white house or intimidating senegalese citizens is wrong. When it comes to going outside the country, he dare to say that everthing is nice in senegal and that there is freedom of speech… Big fat lie!


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