power cuts!! oh no!!

Just as I thought that my stay in Botswana was going to be such a nice ride, I was rudely reminded of where I was by an unexpected power cut. Yes, I was trying to cook dinner while watching some show on the travel channel when the lights went out. With no torch (flashlight, as some call it) or candles I was forced to cook with my ipod, phone and camera as the only sources of light available. Luckily the lights came just as I started having my dinner. It was not a pleasant experience though.

After talking to people in the know I was told that this is a regular thing that happens to select neighborhoods between seven and nine. I was also told that Botswana, lacking any powerplants, buys its power from the neighboring states.

But I just can’t stop wondering why the government hasn’t managed to build enough power generation capacity to satisfy its less than 2 million people – and with all the diamond dollars. Just how hard can it be?

2 thoughts on “power cuts!! oh no!!

  1. hell-o! dude you are in Africa! The Botswanian (does such a word even exist) government won’t generate power for its people but is quick to buy and ration in the same breath, makes some sense to me.(sic!) Some friend of mine actually tells me he’s gravitating towards Dr Watson’s theory…


  2. yeah, a lot of the things that go on on this continent cannot be explained by man. Dr. Watson might have had a point, but his delivery was terrible. I think it is more of a culture of mediocrity where anything goes and no one really complains… or cares to complain when things are not going as they ought to. I have a lot of free time and I have been watching the BBC – stories that I am seeing from Zim to Somalia to Sudan would make even the most benevolent of commentators to doubt the sanity of Africans


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