Mang’u is back, but do i say?

Ok, some vanity once in a while is good for the soul ………..

My former High School, Mang’u, emerged top of the nation in the just announced results of last year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams. It took nearly two decades for Mang’u to retain the number one slot which has in the recent past been the reserve of fellow academic powerhouses Starehe, Alliance and Precious Blood-Riruta. The last time Mang’u led the nation was in 1989.

Created in 1925 by the Holy Ghost Fathers missionaries, the school has always maintained a history of academic and athletic excellence. Notable sons of Mang’u include the late Arch-bishop of Nairobi Cardinal Maurice Otunga, the current president of Kenya, Hon. Mwai Kibaki, cabinet ministers John Michuki and George Saitoti, among others in various professions and walks of life.

Congratulations class of 2007, you have done us proud.


6 thoughts on “Mang’u is back, but do i say?

  1. A very proud moment for all mang’u alumni we lead the nation in all ways sports academics politics the works Mang’u milele…notice how the press coverage is minimal in comparison to other years…
    kamondo 2000


  2. Hey manguerians we showed em didn’t we? We the best wether they give us proper media coverage or not. What was the headline: Mangu leads, bush burns! Couldn’t be more proud to be part of the team that returned mangu to it’s glory n razed the bushes to the ground. Cheers class of 07 n Long live Mang’u!! 1 Love. AASH.


  3. Behold Mang’u men.There are only 2 schools in Kenya”Mang’u and the rest.LONG LIVE MANG’U HIGH SCHOOL,THE GREAT!!!!!!!


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