cameroon to face egypt in cup final

Cameroon and Egypt will have a rematch of their group stage encounter at the final of this year’s Africa cup of nations to be played on Sunday. The indomitable lions will be looking to redeem themselves after having lost 2-4 to Egypt in the group stage earlier in the tournament. In the semi finals Cameroon beat the favorite hosts Ghana one nil while Egypt convincingly beat the Ivory Coast by four goals to one. Ghana will play the elephants from Yamoussoukro for the third and fourth place.

In related news, the Ivorian captain Drogba has requested never to be considered for the African player of the year award after CAF refused to award him the title even though he won the ballot because he did not show up.This is strange considering the fact that CAF knew that Drogba was engaged in the tournament in Ghana. It beats logic that CAF decided to hold the awards in a different country while the continent’s premier tournament was taking place in Ghana. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the usual contesters for the title – the likes of Essien, Drogba, Jaidi, Eto’0 etc- would still be involved in the latter stages of the tournament because their national teams are very strong. Shame on CAF for this let down. Kanoute was not a bad choice, but to deny Drogba simply for not showing up, and knowing that he was involved in the tournament (which is organised by the same CAF) is simply silly.

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