embakasi MP shot dead outside his house

Newly elected MP for Embakasi constituency in Nairobi, Kenya – Mr. Melitus Were has been shot dead outside his house. The ODM has issued a statement through its spokesman Tony Gachoka pointing fingers at the government and the Mungiki sect. Suspicion is also being directed at the immediate former member for Embakasi Mr. David Mwenje who has in the past publicly admitted to being in cahoots with the Mungiki terror gang.

The murder of the MP comes at a time when Kenya is faced with its worst crisis since independence. It is unclear how the residents of the populous Eastlands constituency will react to the news of the murder of their representative. Were was just sworn in recently after winning a bruising battle against the long time MP David Mwenje.

Police spokesman, Kiraithe said that they are not sure what the motive of the murder was and are not going to attribute it to the ongoing violence in various parts of the country, saying that it could have been an act of thuggery.

Reports indicate that Mr. Were was coming back home at about 12.30 am when two gun men approached his car outside his Woodley home and shot him, before fleeing without stealing anything.

13 thoughts on “embakasi MP shot dead outside his house

  1. It’s disheartening.. lets all kenyans pray for peace in this country and…. please leaders we are crying down here!!! please leaders get us back united as one kenya.


  2. This is how Rwanda began and ended. These bloodthirsty hooligans will not stop until Kenya is reduced into a shell. Why can’t we learn from our neighbors in Uganda, Sudan, Congo.

    But Toni Gachoka should refrain from speculation about Hon. Were’s Death, this will just fuel more hatred, and he should know better


  3. Surely, where are we heading to, what led to all these. Can the president please say something. we are dying. what are our so-called leaders doing about it, what are they waiting for (Another Rwanda)?
    Even if they shared power between the two, whom will they rule when the country is dead?


  4. sad loss to the emba people but moreso for Kenya. the deeper we sink into arnarchy the harder it will be to pull ourselves out.


  5. Our member of parliament was a humble soft spoken and a man of the people.Let us not speculate about what happened and let Embakasi remain calm even as we dig deeper and get these murderers.Police must however involve other independent people to get an unbiased investigation.
    God bless Kenya, Bless Embakasi and rest Hon.Were in peace even as you deliver justice.


  6. Hon.Were was such a humble man, he was the change Embakasi longed for and that is why I voted for him.Many people including the Kikuyus could not stand the former MP who for the three terms he could not show anything in development.I urge the residents of Embakasi to unite and confront the evil without resulting to tribal war fare.Someone wants Embakasi to go on fire, let us not fulfil their evil schemes by fighting among ourselves.


  7. It is scary to watch wat is becoming of Kenya. I want to hope, so much, so much, but every sign is runing every hope I have. I think we have to brace for the worst and pray for the best. I read of politicians mediating in nairobi when the rest of the country burns and I cant help but think when they come out of their mediation rooms there will be no country left to rule.


  8. Oh Kenya, it is time now to pray, to hold hands, and to come together. Melitus Were was a fine man and has set a good example for kindness and humanity. He is truly a martyr, and is resting in God’s hands.

    Remember his strength and leadership, and remember the example set by the holy prophets of God. Love thy neighbor. The world is praying for you.

    Kind regards,




  9. seriously people God rest his soul in peace but in all honesty were was a crook and a thug,unworthy of parliament.how do you explain someone who goes to italy after winning and comes back during elections to win again.plus many other things he was involved in i will not highlight.


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