Death toll continues to rise in church arson incident

I just read a most shocking story about over 50 Kenyans (mostly innocent women and children) having died after the church they had sought refuge in was burnt by an angry mob protesting against the government over their country’s flawed elections. This story is shocking not just because of the tragic loss of lives but also because of the heavily loaded symbolism that it had – the burning of a church.

Kenyans are a very religious lot and the fact that people are angry enough to burn churches should set off alarming bells everywhere. Do Kenyans really want to take this road? Is it really worth it? When is it going to stop after we start burning each other up in places of worship and are divided on ethnic lines?

There is an urgent need for the Kenyan leadership to slow down events. Things have been happening quite fast since the elections on the 27th of Dec and nobody seems to be in control anymore. The government spokesman was crazy enough the other day to say that the violence was isolated…….. Kisumu, Eldoret, Nairobi, Nakuru and Mombasa are not isolated incidents, Mr. Mutua. The only person you are fooling is yourself.

5 thoughts on “Death toll continues to rise in church arson incident

  1. Was the church Christian? Was the mob mostly Muslim? If so, there’s less worry here in some ways. Muslim violence against Christians is an old and ongoing story in Africa.

    If the scenario I’ve posited is not so, then the Kenyan government should be very concerned – both about the state of the populous and the possibility of foreign agitators.


  2. kenopp,

    OK, political differences are behind the attack – but were the attackers primarily of the same faith? My point is, if the attackers were of a different religion then there is less immediate cause for concern from a political standpoint. It’s horrific not matter what.


  3. Alright, I did what research I could and all the reports I could find pointed to “random” mob of attackers. That would imply a mixture of faiths, including the same as the church.

    Yes, this is about as bad as it can get.


  4. Kenyans religiousness is only skin deep my friends. That’s obvious in more than one ways.
    The whole political system is considered one big Goldmine where scrupulous politicians can fill their pockets. I visited Kenya some month ago and I was appalled by how far back the whole infrastructure was set back even thought there has been ample funds for that over many years.
    It’s just a matter of “take the money and run” politics.
    And as the EU-commission for monitoring the election showed the non-transparency of the electoral procedures in Kenya it became even more obvious that the elite is just protecting their
    own benefits.
    Its simply disgusting.
    They should be ashamed of themselves.
    For an outsider as myself it is hard to believe that Moi is still around. He should be imprisoned for theft from public funds and bribery.
    That’s my humble opinion



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