the african eu summit, what will come out of it

I am not a fan of talk shops. That said, I am still very open to discussions in summits like the upcoming African-EU summit. The summit is intended to discuss trade relations between the two continents. Europe, having realised that China is fast taking up its position as the “Chief bank roller” on the continent is trying to make amends.

Another issue that will cloud the summit is the situation in Zimbabwe. Now that Rob is attending the summit and Brown chose to make a big deal of it, it has taken center stage and will definitely form part of the discussion – thereby taking vital time and resources away from pan-continental issues that could be more beneficial to a great number of Africans. Zim is in dire straits. But the more press we give Rob the bigger his head gets. He should be cut off and denied an audience, after which Mbeki should oust him and give Zim back to Zimbabweans.

Back to the summit, I think as the EU strategises on how to help the continent, it should move away from the previous peace meal deals that are not sustainable. Instead, there should be a genuine focus on industries that add value on African products before they are exported instead of wasting too much time on the issue of agricultural subsidies. The African delegation should also remind the Northerners not to be too pesky about the origin of flowers and fruits – as long as these items are fresh and edible and not growth through conscript labor.

On the whole, I hope that the summit goers know that we are in the 21st century – the age of broadband – and so they should strategize on ways of making Africans sufficiently well off soonest possible so that they can also get to enjoy the fruits of these wonderful times.

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