low grade anti-malarials found in a number of african countries

This might be why the last time I was down with malaria – back in the summer of 2007 in Uganda – none of the medication I got from a clinic in the capital Kampala helped me out. I had to go back home in Nairobi, Kenya before I got medication that completely cleared the plasmodium parasites off my system.

This finding means that someone is profiting from cheap anti-malarial drugs while at the same time increasing the disease’s resistance against existing medication. Now the next step should be to quantify the number of deaths that can be directly linked to these low quality drugs, round up those guilty and have them pay for their crime. People should never be allowed to play games with the lives of others.

2 thoughts on “low grade anti-malarials found in a number of african countries

  1. am guessing you did not go to a public clinic, otherwise you would have likely found no drugs at all. it may be difficult to regulate who supplies the drug market, but at least we can look at which companies have contracts with the national medical stores. they would be both easier to locate and *in theory* have a greater impact on the health of the population.
    also, am sure you have fake drugs in kenya too. and you could have found legit ones in kampala; you make it sound like there were none to be found.


  2. MRP, your last line sounded a bit defensive. No, I did not mean to create the impression that there are no legit anti-malarials in all of Uganda. And no, I did not go to a public clinic. Queues queues queues are the main reason, oh and the terrible people skills endemic in most things public in the EAC.


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