raila-kibaki feud continues over corruption

The events of Sunday morning exposed the illusion that Kibaki and Raila had decided to bury the hatchet and do what is right for the Republic. Earlier the Prime Minister had suspended Ministers William Ruto and Samuel Ongeri over graft in their respective ministries. But the President quickly followed with a press release saying that the Prime Minister had no authority to dismiss the two ministers. Both cited sections of the Constitution and National Reconciliation Accord that midwifed the formation of the Grand Coalition Government after post-election violence in early 2008.

It is clear that corruption and the fight against it is being politicized by the two principals. It is also clear that the constitutional amendments that created the position of the Prime Minister did a bad job of defining the powers of the Premier and separating these powers from the President’s. And that is just sad. Parliament must do something in order to avert a full blown constitutional crisis in the near future.

Prime Minister Odinga’s move to suspend Ongeri and Ruto, in my opinion, was ill-advised and reckless. Justice is political, and sometimes the means matter just as much as the end. Is it wise to risk wider instability in the country for short-term political gains? I don’t think so Mr. Odinga. There are better ways of dealing with both Ruto and Ongeri. President Kibaki reaction to the suspensions was equally sub-par. I still do not understand how two men in such high positions find it reasonable to communicate with each other over the media instead of meeting and hammering deals with each other in person. The two should know that their power-politics games in the media do nothing but drive wedges between Kenyans. To quote President Moi, these nonsensical games will not increase the number of sufurias in Wanjiku’s kitchen.

4 thoughts on “raila-kibaki feud continues over corruption

  1. “Pssst lets create some new national accord drama maybe they will forget the maize scandal was supervised,coordinated & executed from my own office” ..Raila Odinga


  2. the thing that is most sad about this is that millions of Kenyans faced food shortages while some crooks in Nairobi made millions, and will get away with it. The strong keep doing what they want and the week keep suffering what they must. How I wish that Amos Wako and Evan Gicheru each had an iota of independence from the executive.


  3. The irony of it all is that Raila calls for the resignation of Ruto and Ongeri whose ministries were involved in sleeze while he continues to hold his PM’s post and his office was deep in the murky waters of maize corruption.
    How dumb can one man get. He should have resigned and written to Kibaki as per the NARA to fire Ruto. Ongeri is PNU so Raila has no constitutional authority there. He is just a nyafala supervisor and he should storp usurping executive powers lol..


  4. Stroke of genius? I would say high risk. And as you know, high risk may have high return or major loss.

    Kenya’s politics is still tribal.

    It was meant to be a stroke of genius of getting rid of strong leaders that do not necessarily support him but that potentially wield a powerful block vote. Ongeri is the most prominent leader in Kisii today (after Magara was kicked out and who is not on Raila’s side anyway) and Ruto is the most influential leader among the Kalenjin (even though he may not command the entire block vote). Otherwise how do you explain the exclusion of Shaaban?

    With Balala rebelling and the Mt Kenya vote not assured, he needs to act fast.

    Whether or succeeds or not, the coming weeks will be crucial. It could propel him into a powerful frontrunner for 2012 or condemn him to number 3 thanks to Kenya’s tribal arithmetic.

    One thing is for sure. 2012 is Raila’s last chance hence the all or nothing approach.


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