kcse results to be released monday

The Kenya National Examination Council, through the Ministry of Education, will release KCSE results on Monday. Key stats will include whether gender and regional gaps persist in performance.

The Kenyan education system is in need of urgent restructuring. The content of most of the curriculum is outdated, as the Minister of Education himself admitted. Nearly 60,000 students who qualify for university education never get admitted to the country’s public universities because of lack of space. Private universities are oftentimes too expensive and, in a growing number of places, of dubious quality.

Instead of promoting class mobility, the education system continues to perpetuate the existing class system by heavily subsidizing higher education at the expense of students from poor households who fail to qualify for admission because of the low quality of their primary and secondary education.

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49 thoughts on “kcse results to be released monday

  1. Gosh! i hope i pass my exams.These rumours are making me anxious and frustrated.Some….!No most of them are exaggerated so much,anywayz.Let’s all pray for the best.


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